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Sporting Activities in Cayman Islands

March 5, 2019
Adventura Cayman

The Cayman Islands are simply breath-taking. These tropical islands provide the chance to swim in the crystal blue waters with some of the planet’s interesting sea creatures, explore shipwrecks, and view underwater caves. The Bioluminescent Bay is among the most unforgettable sights you will ever come across in Grand Cayman. Travelers visiting the area take part in different sports such as paddle boarding, kayaking, snorkelling, and biking.

In this article, we take a look at some of the popular sporting activities in Cayman Islands that you can take part in. Read on to know more.

1.  Stand Up Paddle Boarding
The use of Stand Up Paddle Boards is a very popular watersport activity in Cayman Islands. The calm waves, light winds and crystal blue waters of the Caribbean Sea provide the perfect environment for paddle boarding. The sport is well-suited for the entire family, and there’s no need to use a wet suit or be an expert surfer. A Stand Up Paddle Board (SUP) is a great option if you want to experience nature, and enjoy the breath-taking scenery of Grand Cayman.

Stand Up Paddle Boarding

Get to relax under the warm sun and workout your muscles. You can rent a Paddle Board in Grand Cayman and have it delivered straight to your front door or another location on the island. Stand Up Paddle boarding is a fun way to interact with nature, a great escape from stress, allowing you to feel peaceful and quiet on the clear waters. The next time you visit this area, you should try out paddle boarding, because it is a fun exercise routine that does not need expert surfing skills.

2.  Kayaking
Other than paddle boarding, you can also enjoy the crystal blue waters of the Caribbean Sea by kayaking. This way you experience incomparable views of Grand Cayman’s natural wonders like the Bioluminescence bay. Explore the amazing Bio Bay, maneuver through the red mangrove forests and see Grand Cayman’s diverse wildlife at your own pace. Kayaking tours can get you to spectacular locations that are otherwise not accessible – with a number of guides who will teach you about the vast ecosystem of the island.


Kayak Rental in Cayman Islands is possible and you can choose the model best suited to your individual needs; there are single seated and double seated kayaks, inflatable kayaks and many more. Inflatable kayaks are lightweight, comfortable and super easy to use. They give you freedom to visit Grand Cayman’s excluded places and snorkel in the difficult to reach reefs.

3.  Snorkelling
The Cayman Islands offer plenty of entertainment above and below the water. Put on your snorkel and mask and just immerse yourself in an unforgettable view of coral reefs and tropical fish. It is easy to lose track of time while exploring the amazing underwater world. No previous experience is required to participate in this sport other than being able to swim.


You can rent Snorkel gear in Grand Cayman if you wish to take part in this exciting activity. Safety should always come first, therefore do not snorkel alone, always stay close to the sea shore, watch out for boat traffic, do not touch the marine life, and wear a flotation vest if necessary. Great snorkelling sites in Grand Cayman include: Stingray City & Sandbar, Turtle Reef, Lighthouse Point, Seven Mile Beach, George Town, South Sound, Prospect, Cayman Brac, Eastern Districts and Little Cayman.

4.  Biking
Tourists are often attracted to Grand Cayman due to the beautiful beaches and welcoming temperatures. Make your vacation complete by viewing the island from the seat of a bike or a scooter. Bicycles and scooters are both great ways to explore the more remote areas on the island while enjoying the fresh air and popular scenery.

Bike rental services in Cayman Islands

Bike rental services in Cayman Islands are available for those who wish to ride through the relaxing tropical landscape. Reasonable rates offered in this area make two-wheeling excursions available to almost everybody, and tours through the island’s countryside become more exciting due to the independence offered by bicycles and scooters.

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