Stingray City Tours - Private Boat Charters

Stingray City Tours - Private Boat Charters

Get in for a Swim!

  • Hang out with stingrays in the wild!
  • Spend a day on the water with family & Friends
  • Snorkel Cayman’s coral reefs
  • Relax at Starfish Point & tranquil beach bars
Stingray City Tours

Stingray City

What is Stingray City Sand Bar?

There are actually two ‘Stingray Cities’ in Grand Cayman. The most popular is Stingray City Sand Bar, which is a shallow sand bar found in the North Sound of Grand Cayman.

The sand bar is only 3-4 ft deep, where southern stingrays are found in abundance and visitors can pet and interact with them. This is where the majority of tour operators take guests as it’s easy to interact with the rays in chest height waters.

Stingray City Deep sits in about 15ft of water and is a popular site for divers who can kneel on the sea bed to feed and interact with the stingrays. This is also a good alternative for those who have already experienced Stingray City Sand Bar.

Where is Stingray City?

The more popular Sand Bar is located about 5 miles offshore within the North Sound, or 2 miles from Rum Point on the other side of Cayman. It sits just inside the coral reef, meaning it is protected from the large waves that break on the reef before reaching Stingray City.

If you’re on one of the larger tour boats used for cruise ship excursions, it will take about 45 – 60 minutes to reach Stingray City Sand Bar or about 20 minutes if you take one of the faster private charter boats.

Why do the stingrays come to Stingray City?

Stingrays began gathering in the area decades ago when fisherman returning home would clean their fish in the calm waters of the shallows and sandbar area. The fish guts were thrown overboard and the stingrays began to congregate to feast there. Soon the stingrays associated the sound of a boat engine with food. With time, divers began to realize that the stingrays could be fed by hand. With the introduction of tourism on the island, boat captains began taking visitors out to this remarkable location.

How to experience Stingray City?

Stingray City Tours can be done two ways, in a mixed group tour or by private boat charter. The mixed group tour is the cheaper option, where you can expect to be on a boat with 20 – 40 other people and spend 45+ minutes getting there. This type of tour is what you can expect when purchasing through your cruise ship or a tour operator that offers a per person price.

The alternative is to go by private charter, which is more expensive but is a very different experience. The boats are usually much faster and take about 20 minutes to get to Stingray City, meaning more time doing activities rather than travel time. The crew are also able to give you a personalized experience and spend time teaching you about the island and it’s fascinating ecosystem. The third advantage is that you are able to tailor your charter to your exact needs, allowing you to pick and choose the activities that interest you most.

Fully Customised Stingray City Tours and Boat Charters

1. Stingray City

Stingray City is a must do for anyone visiting Grand Cayman. Here you can interact with and feed Cayman’s friendly stingrays in their natural habitat. There’s no better way of doing it other than with your own group and at your own pace.

Our crew takes the time to teach you everything about the species, so you can fully appreciate getting a kiss for seven years of good luck and a stingray back massage to help loosen you up. Our stingray whisperers will have a ray relaxed and ready to meet even the most nervous of guests and have you leaving with beaming smiles.

Stingray City Tours

Stingray City

Best Snorkeling Grand Cayman


2. Snorkeling

Cayman is world renowned for its spectacular coral reefs and wealth of marine life, so snorkeling in Cayman is a must for any eco enthusiast or curious adventurer! Expect a fun packed day of learning, as our crew love to share their knowledge of our fascinating ecosystems.

3. Other Activities

After experiencing nature’s best, up close and personal, we’ll cruise over to a local beach bar and make the most of their Caribbean cuisine and tropical drinks. If you’re feeling more adventurous, you can try out wakeboarding or bounce on the tube for a bit of excitement. If the slower island pace suits you better, Starfish Point is the perfect beach to stretch out and relax as the kids go looking for starfish.

What sets us apart from other charter boats is our flexibility to suit the exact needs of your group. Maybe you want to move at a quick pace, making the most of all our activities in one day, or slow cruise so you can stretch out on the bow and bask in the sun. We adapt to whichever pace suits you best.

We work hard to ensure your entire experience is relaxed and stress free. We can help plan every step beforehand or go with the flow and simply figure it out onboard if that’s how you prefer. Need us to pick up food & drinks before our trip? Want to extend a few extra hours because you’re having so much fun? No problem. There’s no such thing as overtime on our charter boats! Whatever your needs, just ask, and we’ll make it happen! 

Our Boat

Our Sea Ray is a perfect all-round boat for any family wanting to explore the best of what Grand Cayman has to offer. There is a toilet onboard along with a swim platform & ladder, making it easy to get back on board. The Bimini Top offers protection from the sun & rain and the extra seating in the bow gives plenty of space to move about and relax while you let the wind blow through your hair as we glide through the crystal clear waters of Grand Cayman.

Sea Ray Boat
Boat Interior
Boat Interior
Boat Interior

We Supply

  • Licensed Captain & Crew
  • Professional Photographer (optional)
  • Bottled Water & Ice
  • Snorkels/Masks/Fins
  • Bait & Tackle for Reef Fishing
  • Food for the Stingrays
  • Towels
  • Life Vests (Adults & Children)
  • Restrooms onboard


Sea Ray Sun Deck 240 – Up to 10 people

3 Hours US$585
4 Hours US$750
5 Hours US$900
+ Hours US$125 each additional hour

*All prices in USD

Cancellation Policy for Stingray City Tours

Adventura Cayman has a 48 hour cancellation policy. Cancellation within 48 hours of your trip will result in forfeit of 25% of the trip cost.