Seven Mile Beach - Bike & Snorkel Tour

Bike Rental Cayman - seven mile beach grand cayman

Get on your Bike!

  • Cycle along Seven Mile Beach at your own pace
  • Find the best snorkel Sites to explore
  • Loose the Crowd!

Cycling & Snorkeling Seven Mile Beach

If you’re visiting Grand Cayman by cruise and looking to really escape the crowds and explore on your own, this is the perfect option for you! Have the freedom to create your own itinerary when you explore Cayman’s best snorkel sites, beach bars and shops. You’ll be given bikes, snorkel gear, a map and along with our guidance, you can discover Cayman at your own pace, with the freedom to spend as much time at each location as you like.

Activities Map

Our friendly guide will take you around to all of your activity options along Seven Mile Beach, before dropping you off to make your way back down by bike. You’ll have about 1 hour of cycling time and the rest will be spent snorkeling, eating, shopping and relaxing on the beach. This usually gives about 5 hours of play time for the average cruise ship visitor.

You’ll also be given a cell phone to use, allowing you to contact us at any point for assistance. This means if you’re running late and can’t make it to the meeting point in time, we’ll locate you, pick you up and take you back to the ship on time. This takes away any worries about trying to get back to the ship on time.

Snorkel Map

Snorkel Options

There are multiple snorkeling sites to choose from, all of which are accessible from the shore. Use our snorkel gear rental to explore just one or all of these sites! Our guide will describe each of these unique sites so you can pick and choose which ones sound the best for you. If you prefer to plan ahead of time, just ask in the booking process and we’ll tell you all you need to know.

Beach Bar & Lunch Options

Whether it’s local food you’re looking for or more of the casual beach bar vibe, your guide will help you find the perfect lunch stop. Just let us know what you’re hungry for and we’ll give you our recommendations.

Beach Bar

Beach Bar



Shopping Options

Getting out of George Town means there’s no need to be stuck buying tacky souvenirs. Depending on what you’re looking for, we’ll guide you to the kind of shops you’re looking for. Whether it’s jewelry, clothing, local crafts or souvenirs for your loved ones’ back home, we know the best places to go.

Water Sports

If you’ve got the need for speed, we can arrange a jet ski rental for you. We also have kayaks and paddle boards if you’d like to venture out on the water or even explore the mangrove forests. We also have sea scooters if you want to make snorkeling a breeze! Just let us know beforehand and we’ll set you up!

Water Sports

Water Sports

Shore Diving

Shore Diving

Shore Diving

For those who are qualified divers, you may enjoy the opportunity to see why Cayman is so famous for it’s diving. Our crystal clear waters offer a unique opportunity to witness the diversity of some of the world’s best coral reef ecosystems up close.

Not everyone in your group dives? No worries, they can snorkel above as you explore down below. This activity will be guided by a qualified dive instructor and requires roughly 1 ½ – 2 hours to complete. Proof of certification along with a completed health form will be required before confirming a booking.

What gear do you get?

Trip Itinerary

1. Pick up from Rackams Bar

Rackams is a 4-minute walk from the Cruise Ship Port and easy to find. It won’t be open in the morning at your arrival time, making it easy for us to find each other. We usually schedule to meet 1 ½ hours after your ship’s arrival time. This gives you plenty of time to reach us in case of delays tendering off the cruise ship. If you arrive early, there are plenty of shops and café’s in George Town to keep you entertained before meeting

2. Drive to West Bay

As we make our way up to West Bay, we will show you all the possible locations and activities to explore. This makes it easy for you to find them all on your cycle back down Seven Mile Beach. The drive is about 15 minutes from the port.

3. Drop off at Vivo Restaurant

We keep our bikes at Vivo Restaurant, a wonderful little vegan restaurant that is sat right on the coast. A great place if you want to try out Lion Fish, which is an invasive species to Cayman. Sure enough this a also great place to snorkel and dive.

Rackhams Map

4. Guided to Turtle Farm & Dolphin Cove (Optional)

The Turtle Farm and Dolphin Discovery is a 1-minute cycle just North of our drop off point. This is a great starting point if you enjoy the thought of spending your morning hanging with and learning about our turtle breeding program and dolphins. Once done, simply hop on your bike, give a wave to everyone stuck on their cruise ship excursion bus, and cruise back down Seven Mile Beach.

5. Cycle Down Seven Mile Beach, stopping at various locations

What makes this better than your average Cruise Ship Excursion in Cayman is the complete freedom to explore the best of Cayman at your own pace. You’ll have 5-6 hours to cycle down Seven Mile beach, giving you enough time to make 5-8 stops. For most of your journey, you’ll be right alongside Seven Mile Beach, so you can stop off at any point for a quick dip in the sea!

Check out the maps above to see what kind of options you have along your bike tour of Cayman. You’ll find that there’s more things to do in Cayman than you can possibly achieve in one day, but don’t worry, we’ll help you figure out the best spots for you when you get here!

6. Meet back at Rackam’s Bar or call if you prefer a lift back

Rackam’s is a perfect meeting point, not just because it’s easy for you to find again, but they have a bar and great food. They also happen to have good snorkeling here too!

If you get back a little early, enjoy a few cocktails as you wait. If you have the time, write us some Trip Advisor reviews and we’ll treat you to your first round of drinks!

Alternatively, if you’re loving the beach too much and can’t seem to pull yourself away, give us a call and we’ll come to you to bring you right back to the port. Just note, it’ll take 15 – 25 minutes to reach you, so call us in advance.

What to bring

  • Sun Screen
  • Water
  • Swim Suit
  • Towel
  • Hat
  • Shades
  • Spending Money


$65 USD per person
$15 Snorkel Gear Rental
$5 Snorkel Snorkel Vest Rental

*Additional $50 Cash Deposit required at meeting point
* Price do not include entrance fee to separate excursions
*All prices in USD

Cycling in Cayman

Cayman is a very safe island. Although there are no lockers found at the public beaches, there is very little risk of your possessions being stolen. We do provide bike locks however, which we recommend using at each of your stops.

We drive on the left side of the road, meaning that is the side you should be cycling too. We have moderate traffic along Seven Mile Beach, with speed limits ranging from 25mph – 40mph. Drivers are mindful of cyclers in Grand Cayman, but we always recommend practicing caution on the roads. To learn more, check out our full comprehensive Bicycling Guide for Grand Cayman.

Cancellation Policy

Adventura Cayman has a 48 hour cancellation policy. Cancellation within 48 hours of your trip will result in forfeit of 25% of the trip cost.