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Get off the beaten path and truly explore Cayman’s hidden treasures in your own unique style. You can use our map to see where the best beaches are or how to find our coral reefs to snorkel. You can also see which of Cayman’s adventures are family friendly or require a bit more experience to explore. If you’re looking for a more in-depth insight on what to do in Cayman, then contact us at any time, we’re here to help!

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Queen Elizabeth Botanical Park

This is a lovely stop if you decide to make your way around to the East side of the island. Here you can enjoy a leisurely walk through colorful gardens and displays of nature. Stroll through Heritage Garden, enjoy the Tea House with its panoramic views, and the lake area which forms a natural habitat for the native Cayman Blue Iguana and breeding grounds for a variety of rare aquatic birds and animals native to the Caribbean.


Opening Times: 9am-4:30pm

Admission: Adult: $10 CI

Child (6-12): $5 CI

Child (0-5): Free

Difficulty :- Medium

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Things to do in Cayman

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North West Point

Just north of the turtle farm you will find a restaurant.
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Barkers Beach

Right in the center of a national park, this quite location.
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Kittiwake shipwreck is one of Cayman’s best dive sites
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Cemetary Beach

This is a lovely stretch of beach on Seven Mile, laying adjacent.
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Governers Creek

Just up the road from the Kimpton, this location is perfect.
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Eden Rock

Located at the edge of central George Town, the entire stretch.
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Smith Cove

This scenic little beach is a beautiful spot to visit and snorkel.
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South West Point

This quiet area is home to South Sound Public Beach.
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Sand Cay Island

This is a very cool adventure for anyone who enjoys the notion.
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Spotts Beach

If you’re looking to see turtles in the wild, this is where you need.
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Stingray City

Stingray City is an absolute must do for anyone visiting the...
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Starfish Point

This is a perfect location to spend the afternoon with the family..
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Bio Bay

Swimming in the Bioluminescence bay is possibly one of the most.
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Rum Point

Famous for their mudslide cocktails, Rum Point is a lovely spot.
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Cayman Kai Beach

This quite little beach makes for a lovely stop on the way..
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Little Sound

This tranquil site is home to the largest area.
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Barefoot Beach

This secret and secluded beach is well worth the visit if you really.
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Colliers Beach

This beach is an easy option for anyone staying out on the East End.
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Wreck of the 10 sails

Back in November 1794, ten merchant ships run aground.
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This unique site is home to a unique formation of rocks which.
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Mastic Trail

The Mastic Reserve is home to a wide variety of animals
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National Museum

Our National Museum offers an insight to the diversity.
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Pedros Castle

Pedro’s Castle offers a glimpse in to life on the island back.
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Pure Art

If you’re looking for souvenirs to take back home, there’s no bette.
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Bird Sanctuary

This tranquil little haven is home to a variety of birds’ resident.
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Black Coral Clinic

This quirky little location is perhaps Cayman’s most unique shop.
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Blow Holes

Stopping by the blow holes is a great little stop if you’re driving.
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Crystal Caves

This is a great attraction to visit, particularly for the kids.
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Queen Elizabeth Botanical Park

This is a lovely stop if you decide to make your way around